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After School Programmes

Mamma Bears – Montessori offers parents convenience and peace of mind by providing all – in – one place for the education, health care and complete leisure of their child. During the ten month school year, tuition covers academics, before and after school childcare, and care during the non-academic days or holidays.

Homework Help: Whether it’s a science project, print out facility for school projects, spelling test, or book report, our teachers are here to support your child in completing homework—which frees up time in the evenings for you to be together as a family.

Daily Fitness and Healthy Snacks: We help children develop healthy bodies and encourage proper nutrition through daily physical activity and healthy snacks.

Our Extended School hours program can supplement or support parent’s need for more than academic hours. We tailor our program to run morning or afternoon based on your school schedule. Mamma – Bears – Montessori partner with you to offer a  solution with a full-day curriculum that is customised for your needs.

After School Activity Center

Optional Programs

Your child will be given the opportunity to dive even deeper into his interests by designing his own program ideas! He can explore a theme or topic that inspires him by starting a project, founding a classroom club, or taking on additional responsibilities in the program as a junior counsellor.


Life is full of choices, and allowing your child to choose the activities she loves most keeps her excited to learn. Children have time every day to explore their own interests in areas like Creative Arts, the Library, Math and Construction, Puzzles and Games, and Science.

Creative Arts: An area where children can express themselves through drama, drawing, painting, poetry, keyboard, guitar, dance (both classical and western), Karate and more.

Library: A bookworm’s paradise where children can find inspiration and endless adventure. A wide range of books is collected to satisfy readers of all age groups.

Math and Construction: A place where children can solve math problems and puzzles, or build bridges, towers, machines, and more using real-life math concepts.

Puzzles and Games: An activity area that features group games, challenging brain teasers, and puzzles.
Science: An area where children can experiment, explore, and discover the secrets of the scientific world.

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