Hai there, It’s your MammaBear!

Every child’s is precious so do every year of a child’s life, but when it comes to their development, the first five are the most important. During these years, children begin to develop cognitive, social, emotional and language skills and start to relate and interact with the world. This is when a child becomes the person they are going to be. It is when they learn appropriate behaviour, boundaries, empathy and many other important social skills that will remain with them for life.

Unfortunately, many children are missing out on these vital skills because they are not going through the steps needed to learn this behavior. And one of the main reasons is that technology is replacing human interaction. One of the implications is a sharp rise in the number of children with an autism spectrum disorder. “Twenty years ago it was deemed to be one in 1,500 children. Now it’s one in 63″. It’s a huge rise and is largely contributed by exposure to technology, such as a tablet computer or smartphone, they are more interacting with technology than people. Cognitive skills are developed by asking questions, and I always remember parents worried about finding answers to the question children asked. They use to shoot out at least a twenty questions in an hour. But how many do they now and how many do you ask them. whenever they try to you feel disturbed and nicely ignore then by dumping your smartphone to then. The language skills of children of school-starting age have been in gradual decline over the past few decades. They have increased levels of hyperactivity and inattention, they have more behavioral difficulties, language development isn’t as it should be and there are major problems with social skills.

I was at a restaurant for lunch recently and there was a table with parents, grandparents, and children – one was 5 and one was 3. Both had a smartphone in their hands, so do the parents and grandparents. Neither one said a word through the duration of the meal. Before the introduction of Phones, the parents and grandparents would have engaged in child-oriented language and sentences like what are we doing after this? What have you been playing with your sister? What do you want to eat?, and developing the children’s language skills. It’s no wonder they’re having problems nowadays. The experiences in the first five years are crucial to the development of social skills, personality, cognitive skills, thinking skills, decision-making, ability to concentrate and behavior,

Another area of development that is suffering as a result of the excess use of technology is movement skills, which, is fundamental in developing connections in the brain. Playgrounds nowadays are deserted, even at weekends. Parents – and children – are choosing the exciting, quick-response video games and interact more with things that don’t exist. Parents should start investing their efforts in interacting with and engaging their children, whether it’s reading books, having conversations or playing games.

It is also very important that mealtimes provide a technology-free environment where children and adults can talk. But the contradiction is that nowadays, most mammas dump a phone in a toddler’s hand at mealtime and put them to the habit of using a phone at mealtime from a very early age.

As a playschool teacher, I have always heard parents telling me that their children already knew all rhymes, body parts other gk well before school. They say as if there is nothing left to do for us. But when it comes to doing something she starts complaining they are not doing this and that. That is what my mammas and Pappas should know that nowadays children are full of information or knowledge but they lack the skills and ideas to use their knowledge. Any knowledge without skill is useless. Interactive videos are fun and can encourage, for example, children to learn nursery rhymes or perceptual skills. ”

Another problem is that they don’t get the concept of boundaries and acceptable behavior. A child should know at the age of 4 that they shouldn’t be doing something. But most don’t as they lack experience and interaction with the real world, These in turn testing relationships too. they don’t even seem to understand when are unkind to another child and how they feel if you take their toy, some are too choosy and arrogant that he won’t like some and won’t play with them. All of these fundamental building blocks for social relationships are placed in the early years and if they are not, it is very difficult to establish those skills later on.”

Many parents are too ignorant of the situation that despite bombarding the home with learning technology the first they look for in a school is how many interactive smartboards are there in the school, how much smart is the school in technologies they use.

Dear Pappas and Mammas I would suggest you look into their techniques rather than technologies….Montessori methods use the best o techniques in the holistic development of your child.